BHS 100K

Here is some video and pictures from the 2013 Bishop Ultramarathon. I completed the 100K in 14 hours 22 minutes.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spring Mountain 100K (retry)

On Monday, August 13th, I will be making my second attempt to complete a route that I have dubbed the Spring Mountain 100K.  My first attempt was last June, but I cut it short at about 8o km when I saw that I was running out of daylight.  The route runs though the Spring Mountains in a northwest direction from Kyle Canyon Rd to the town of Coal Creek via Charleston Peak and the Charleston Ski Resort.

More presicisely:
1. Start:   Junction of Kyle Canyon Rd. (Hwy 157) and Harris Springs Road. Harris Springs Road
2. (3 miles) Proceed up Harris Springs Road to Harris Mountain Road. Harris Mountain Road
3. (5 miles) Rt. on Harris Mountain Road to Griffith Peak Trailhead.
4. (10 miles) Take Griffith Peak Trail to South Loop Trail to Mt. Charleston Peak. Grffith Peak Trail (via Harris Saddle)
5. (11 miles) Descend on North loop to Deer Creek Road (Hwy 158) North Loop
6. (9 miles) Lf. on Hwy 158 to Lf. on Lee Canyon (Hwy 157) to Lower Bristlecone Pine Trailhead. Bristlecone Loop
7. (18 miles) Rt. on Bonanza Trail Head to town of Coal Creek. Bonanza Trail
8. (6 miles) Continue on Coal Creek Rd. until I hit 100 km (62 miles).

Approximate Schedule:

Mile Point:          Time:                  Station:
0               Start 5:00am                 Kyle Canyon Road and Harris Springs Rd.

8                       7:00am                 Griffith Peak Trailhead

13                      8:30am                Griffith Peak 

18                     10:00am               Mt. Charelston Peak

29                     12:30pm               North Loop Trailhead

37                      2:00pm                Bristlecone Loop Trailhead

41                      3:00pm                Bonanza Trailhead

56                      6:00pm                Coal Creek (Bonanza Trailhead)

62                      7:00pm                Run out Coal Creek rd until I reach 100k

Post run update:  I did not pull this one off again.  I started out OK, finishing the first 8.5 mile climb up to the Griffith Peak Trailhead in a little less then two hour, but I was feeling a knot in my right hamstring that just did not seem to want to go away.  It progressively was getting worse so I decided to turn back early.  Depending on weather and early winter storms, I will see if I can make another attempt late October or early November.  I can't really do it earlier because I will be concentrating on getting in shape for the St. George Marathon which I was fortunate enough to win a free entry to.

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