BHS 100K

Here is some video and pictures from the 2013 Bishop Ultramarathon. I completed the 100K in 14 hours 22 minutes.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Follow my Progress on Race day

100K Elevation Profile
On Saturday, May 18th I will be running the Bishop100K (62 miles) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains by Bishop, CA.  The race starts at 6:00am and I will be carrying my Spot Tracker that will update my progress on the following web page.

My goal is to finish in under 15 hours so that I can use it as a qualifying run for the Western States 100.  This works out to a little faster than a 15 min./mile pace so as long as I can keep moving all day, I should be fine.  So far the weather report looks favorable with clear skies and highs of 77F down in Bishop so not too bad and it will even be cooler up at elevation at if this report holds true. 

As far as drop bag locations and nutrition for the run, I will use a similar plan to what I had last year with the addition of salt tabs.  Last year I believe I was experiencing hydration problems and cramping because it was fairly warm the entire day and I was not taking in any extra salt besides the few elctrolytes I was getting at the aid stations which apparently isn't enough. I will have drop bags at the Buttermilk Road, Edison Loop, and Tungsten Hills aid station which I pass 2 times each.  This would space out my drops at 11, 17, 23, 35, 41 and 48 miles which is manageable. I will need about 300 calories per hour and I will have that amount in both Perpetuem Tablets and GU gel packs and bananas.  That way if one thing isn't working for me then hopefully something else will.

This year I will be wearing gaiters from Dirty Girl Gaiters to keep the sand out of my shoes which was killing me last year.  I really was just being a big baby and stopping every few miles to empty my shoes so at least I won't have that excuse this year.  Running 62 miles through the mountains is enough to ask without having to do it with sand and rocks in my shoes that will be nice I guess.  Interesting name they chose for their company, Dirty Girl, but they really work and are some of the best gaiters out there.

100K Route

Above is my track from last year.  This year I will be going 12 miles further.  It is essentially the same route but when we get back to the junction that is close to the Millpond we will be taking a left up and over the Tungsten Hills.  At that point it is 3 miles up, 3 miles down the other side followed by a U-turn up and over again to the finish.  I am almost sure to be completing that portion in the dark and will be using a headlamp to guide me.  If I am lucky I will be close enough to another runner and we will be able to run together, but I am not counting on that.

100 K Distance Chart

START 0.0 1.51 4425

TUNGSTEN CITY #1 1.51 4.24 4738

CDF CAMP 5.75 4.02 4850

JUNCTION 9.77 1.50 6150

BUTTERMILK ROAD 11.27 3.67 6508
MCGEE CREEK 14.94 2.46 7900

EDISON LOOP 17.40 2.99 8000 12.30PM YES
OVERLOOK 20.39 3.01 9385

EDISON LOOP 23.40 2.65 8000
INTAKE 2 26.50 2.94 8100
BISHOP CREEK LODGE 29.00 2.94 8374

INTAKE 2 31.93 3.10 8100 4.15PM YES
EDISON LOOP 35.03 2.46 8000
MCGEE CREEK 37.49 3.67 7900

BUTTERMILK ROAD 41.16 1.50 6508 7:00PM YES
JUNCTION 42.66 3.73 6150

HWY 168 46.39 2.06 5560

TUNGSTEN CITY #2 48.45 3.65 4774 9.00PM YES (100K)
SAGE SUMMIT 52.10 2.35 5596
100k TURNAROUND 54.45 2.35 5445
SAGE SUMMIT 56.75 3.60 5596
TUNGSTEN CITY #2 60.35 1.66 4770
FINISH 62.01 0.0 4425 1.00AM YES

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Resting up for Bishop 100k

I am getting pretty excited in anticipation of my big run which is just one week away now.   The Bishop 100k starts at 6:00am Saturday, May18th and now I am resting for the event putting in only a few easy runs a week.  Below is a graph of my weekly mileage totals from the past 4 1/2 months.  I had originally planned to run a few more heavy weeks in April of 80 miles or more, but I felt I had to scale that back when my  body wasn't responding well to the demands and needed more rest. Though I do feel good about the training that I have done knowing that I have pushed it as hard as I possibly can and came out of it without any injuries.  My hamstring problem is continuing to improve and by race day I anticipate any lingering soreness to completely disappear.  Looking back I see that I have a block of 6 weeks with 60 plus miles, one 7 day period where I logged 96 miles and 5 separate back to back long runs of 18 to 35 miles.

My graph I also have prepared for the mountains by putting in a bunch of hours on the trails around Mt. Charleston.
Mountain view from Harris Springs road.  One of my favorite training routes for long climbs and descents.  From this point it takes about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to make it to that snow covered peak - Griffith Peak.