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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

John Muir Trail Preparations

I am just putting on the finishing touches in preparations for our John Muir Trail Hike.  I got enough food for 7 days in the wilderness packed in a 550 cubic inch Garcia Bear resistant canister. Yosemite National Park requires all over night backpackers to keep all their food in an approved bear resistant canister.  The one I got is opaque black, 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep.  By using high density dry foods I hear it is possible to get 10 days worth of food in one.  I guess it depends on how much you eat.  Here is a picture of all what I put in.

All this fits in that black can with the decals on at the back of the table.

1 Week Food Supply in a Garcia Bear Canister

Item Cups Oz Calories Calories/ Cups Calories/ Oz
Cous Cous 4 27 2862 716 106
Red cracked wheat (3cup), dry milk (1 1/2), ground flax seed mix (6oz) 5 26 2400 480 92
Nutrician Yeast 0.75 3 360 480 120
Sun Maid mixed fruit 0.5 7 550 1100 79
Almond Slivers 0.75 3.5 595 793 170
Quinoa 3.4 22 2340 688 106
Hard Cheese 0.9 8.8 965 1072 110
Muscle Milk 2.67 8 1200 449 150
Olive Oil 0.5 9 1080 2160 120
Split Peas 1.1 10 400 364 40
Clarified Butter 2 18 3840 1920 213
Honey 1 16 1320 1320 83
Taboli 2 12 900 450 75
Homus 2.4 17 1750 729 103
Raisons 0.75 5.5 470 627 85
Millet 1.25 10 875 700 88
Dryed Bannanas 1 9 1044 1044 116
Dried tomatoes 0.5 3 300 600 100
Trail Bars (6 Good'n Natural) 2 12 1030 515 86
Totals 32.47 226.8 24281 748 107

460 14.175 3468.714

cu. In. lbs Cal/ day
With that done it was time to pack the rest of the gear.  Here is what it looked like.

Backpacking Gear list.

Woolen cap, sun hat, wicking t-shirt, long sleeve wicking  t-shirt, , long sleeve thermal shirt, cotton hoody sweat shirt, , wind breaker nylon ski jacket w/hood,  wind breaker sweat pants, pocketed shorts, running shorts, running cap, 2 pairs of woolen socks, 2 pairs cotton socks, NB 110 running shoes (light weight 10oz shoes for trail running, walking around camp and wading), Salomon XA 3D Ultra Gore Tex trail runners, light gloves, Hiking gloves (cyling gloves),   
Camping supplies
                2 sleeping pads (1 foam and 1 Thermarest), sleeping bag, ground sheet, poncho/tarp shelter,  pocket knife, bug repellent with Deet, toothpaste and brush, soap, matches,  aluminum foil, 2 qtr. Al pot with lid, 2 qtr. double nest pots with fry pan lids, MSR Superfly stove, 2 X 8oz MSR fuel canister, Spot Transmitter, toilet paper, zip-top plastic bags for used toilet paper, Microfiber 12” X 24” towel, 8 MSR groundhog stakes, Insulated covered coffee mug, 2 cup plastic food cup with screw on lid, New Trent 5000 eternal back up battery, Nylon cord for tarping, Hand Sanitizer, extra camera batteries and charger, Double wall USB charger, A16 bug bivy, portable tripod, mini-tripod with rubber band for attaching to hiking pole,
Hiking Supplies
Hiking poles,  backpack, headlamp, compass, Tylenol, Advil, Band-Aids, sunscreen, sunglasses, reading glasses, magnifying glass, maps , water filter, water purifying tablets (iodine system), water bottle, waterproof poach for cellphone and camera,   whistle,  Binoculars, Sierra Nevada Field Guide by John Muir Law, Pacific coast Tree Finding guide., Extra AAA batteries, Head net, John Morrison John Muir Trail Map-Pac
Fishing supplies
1 spinning rod with lures and gear, 1 fly rod with lures and gear, 1 plastic tube for carrying rods
We will be starting from Happy Isle in Yosemite Valley on Saturday, June 30th.  We will exit after we reach Mt. Whitney on July 19th.  Here is the link to my Spot transmit that will track our day to day location.



Item      Weight in lbs and oz
Empty backbpack               5lbs
Clothes (less running shoes and tarp/poncho)               6 lbs
Running Shoes (NB 110 trail runners)                1 lb 
Poncho/ tarp                13 oz
Sleeping bag                3 lb 8 oz
Aluminum 2 qt. pt                9 oz
Double stainless steel pot/ fry pan lid               1 lb 12 oz
Binoculars               1 lb 12 oz
Full backpack without water or binoculars and field guide               52 lbs
Full backpack with 48 oz water with out binoculars and  field guide                56 lbs
Full backpack with 48 oz water with out binoculars and  field guide               60 lbs

          The above are my own best measurements of the weights of some of the items I will be packing using a balance scale and a bathroom scale so they are not 100% precise.  I tried my best to keep the total weight down, but this is definitely not an ultralight rig. Thankfully there is a lot of water flowing everywhere, so most of the time I will only need to carry 1 bottle, 1/2 a bottle or no water at all.  Each day we hike we will also be loosing 2 lbs of food so that will be nice.  That is until we hit our big resupply on day 8 of our trip at Muir Trail Ranch.   That will be our last resupply point until we complete the hike 11 days later.  I will be taking on 26lbs of food that day and my backpack weight will probably be in the neighborhood of 75lbs.  Hiking out of of that resupply point we will need to climb 4,000 ft as we immediately hit Muir Pass which tops out at 11, 955 ft.  I anticipate that to be one of the most challenging parts of the hike.

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