BHS 100K

Here is some video and pictures from the 2013 Bishop Ultramarathon. I completed the 100K in 14 hours 22 minutes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Mountain 115 - May 23, 2:00am to May 24 sometime ...

Hi. I just wanted to let you all know that my 100 mile run through the Spring Mountains is still on for next Saturday. I have fixed the table below with my approximate schedule that I had posted above which was a little confusing. Anyone is welcome to come out and run all or part of it with me or just to cheer me on a bit if you are in the neighborhood. I will have my SPOT tracker with me too so you can get a better idea of where I am throughout the day.

The first time is the elapsed time and the second is an approximate time of day give or take an hour or so the further out I get.

Approximate Time schedule / aid station mileage :
Mile 20:  water/aid: 4:00:00 elapsed time         6:00am - sat.
Mile 32:   water/aid: 6:35:00    elapsed time
     8:35am - sat.
Mile 45:  water/aid 8:47:00 -    elapsed time      10:47 am - sat.
Mile 60   water/aid 12:59:00 -    elapsed time      3:00 pm - sat
Mile 76 water/aid 17:01:00.      elapsed time.          7:01PM - sat
Mile 80 water/aid - camping supplies - 18:01 elapsed time 8:01PM - sat
Mile 90 water/aid - camping supplies - 20:44 -elapsed time.  10:44PM - sat
Mile 100 water/aid -  - 23:28 -    elapsed time.       1:28 am -sun
Mile 115 water/aid -  - 27:52 -elapsed time.          5:28 am -sun

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