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Here is some video and pictures from the 2013 Bishop Ultramarathon. I completed the 100K in 14 hours 22 minutes.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 12 - Little Pete Meadow to Palisade Lakes

A deer mangled my hat!

Wednesday, July 11

                I never thought I would say a deer ate my hat, but there you have it. Did you see the video?  While walking back from the creek, I was flabbergasted to see some trash laying on the ground, thinking someone had irresponsibly dumped it there.  It started to have that familiar look about it and when I got a little closer it and I recognized what it was.  My jaw dropped, I got angry for a second, before I started laughing when I realized what had happened to my favorite straw woven Montana hat.  That pesky deer last night must have picked it up, chew it to shreds and it looked like she stomped on it a few times too.  Maybe it was pissed at me for trying to shoe it out of my campsite – I suppose she actually was there first if I think about it correctly.  There was no saving the hat and I couldn’t leave it as trash, and I didn’t want to pack it all the way over the remaining mountain passes.  I decided to cremate it.  Bye-bye good old hat of mine.  It still was comfortable, but I do admit that it was getting rather ugly.

Tiger Lilly

The first four miles of the day’s hiking was a relatively easy gradual downhill as the trail continued to follow the Middle Fork of the King River till it hit 8,000 feet.  From there the trail turned east and started climbing Palisade Creek as it headed for Mather Pass.  It’s still a lot of work climbing, but after I did a food inventory this morning, I decided I could give some food away. It shouldn’t be too hard to find some hungry hikers you would think and it wasn’t.   I met a group of three hikers, Michael, his sister and his wife who were attempting to hike from MTR to Mt. Whitney with only seven days of food between them, but they were now realizing that it could take them a day or two longer than planned.  I was able to unload about a pound of Quinoa, a pound of Humus, and 8oz of honey on them.  Now they can take that extra day without going to hungry.  It was nice hiking with them for stretches of the trail too and we would continue to leapfrog past one another for the next few days.  
The weather looks good this way

But it's getting darker this way
My destination for today would be Palisade Lake, elevation 10,613.  Another group of three from Los Angeles, Andrew, Chewy and Oscar were already camped by Lower Palisade when I got there and they pointed me to some good sites just above them.  I found a nice flat spot on a sandy granite slab that was relatively sheltered from the wind.  The sun was still shinning on our part of the lake but another hiker shouted to us that there was rain coming in down the pass.  Looking up the mountains we could see dark clouds rolling our way, but they looked like they might not quite make it.  To be on the safe side I started setting up my shelter.  Being impossible to get a stake in the ground up here, I used rocks to hold down the corners.  

After an hour of scurrying around to make sure all my stuff didn’t get wet, those clouds weren’t any closer so I decided to try fishing in the lake.  I saw some eight to ten inched beauties hiding in a small outlet channel on the north side and I tried to catch them with a Sierra Hopper.  There are quite a few grass hoppers out here even at these high elevations right now and the Sierra Hopper has been productive.  But this time I was not cautious enough as I approached the bank, and I spooked them before I even got my line in.  I climbed and hiked my way to the other end of the lake by the inlet channel where I did catch a couple of little ones that I released.  On my way back I tried one more time for those bigger ones, but they were on to me already.  That’s OK; I still got lots of that chili.  I tried cooking up some quinoa, but it was very difficult at this elevation.  Because water boils at a much lower temperature up here due to the reduced air pressure, everything takes longer cook.  I finally gave up, thinking that it might cook better in the morning if I let it soak all night.  The rain never did show up and the winds died down in the evening too.

Lower Palisade Lake

Golden trout on a Sierra Hopper

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