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Here is some video and pictures from the 2013 Bishop Ultramarathon. I completed the 100K in 14 hours 22 minutes.

Monday, September 24, 2012

JMT Day 8 - bear Ridge to Sallie Keys Lakes

Saturday, July 7th

                Before I could start hiking today, I had to make a field repair on my backpack.  I was a little disturbed as one of the straps broke loose when I went to swing it up to my shoulders.  I didn’t think to check the condition of the straps before I left and I was a long way from anywhere to be saddle with a broke down backpack.  Luckily Amy had the foresight to give me a utility knife before I left as a present for the trip.  Thanks love.  I was able to use the pliers to scavenge a metal part off of a ski lift pass holder with a zip line (I brought that as a “just in case thing” and it sure came in handy) and use it to replace a pin that had fallen out of the strap.   That taken care of, I launched off on my hike in good cheer starting 1 mile north of the Bear Ridge trail junction .  The weather on the trip so far has been spectacular.  The nights have not dropped below freezing and the days have been warm and sunny averaging in the 80’s at the lower elevation and a bit cooler over the passes.    Today’s goal is to get within striking distance, 2 or 3 miles, of Muir trail Ranch (MTR) where I will pick up my last resupply of the trip.  The major work of the day will come when I hike over Selden pass, 10880 feet.
                Bear Ridge was extremely steep both going up and coming down.  The climb up Sheldon Pass proved to be not that tough going up, but coming down I was a bit wobbly for some reason, my legs and body were getting exhausted.  I arrived at Sallie Keyes Lake around mid-afternoon and since that is only 3 miles from MTR, I decided to stop there.  In addition, someone told me that there was some really good fishing by the inlet of the lake.  That same person told me about some wild onions growing by the streams out here and showed me how to pick them.  Those will be terrific fried up with some fish if I catch any.

Golden Trout

Bear Creek

Bear Creek

it looks like we have one tree's roots are holding on to it's brother's preventing it from falling into the stream

Two hikers heading toward Selden Pass.  The guy in the back, Phil, plays violin for the Toronto Philharmonic.

Margie Lake

View from Selden Pass

Sallie Keyes Lakes


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