BHS 100K

Here is some video and pictures from the 2013 Bishop Ultramarathon. I completed the 100K in 14 hours 22 minutes.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 18 - Tyndal Creek to Guitar Lake

 Guitar Lake

Tyndal Creek at Sunrise

Breakfast on Tyndal Creek
Tuesday, July  17
I believe that this was the coldest morning we had yet.  Water formed a thin layer of ice in just a couple of minutes after I poured it into a pan.  So, wearing every layer of clothing I had carried, and glad that I had it, I heated the water for my coffee and cereal.  I then carried them down to the creek and found I rock in the middle of it I could sit on.  I ate breakfast there watching the morning sun as it poured its colors and warmth onto the water.  
View facing east on JMT towards Timberline and Gutiar Lake

The original plan for the day was to camp at Timberline Lake but that was closed to any camping as the NFS was in the process of a restoration project there.  We stopped anyways and tried our luck fishing.  In a little over an hour we had 5 fish that we kept for tonight’s dinner.  An took a couple of cracks at throwing the line out too, but he couldn’t get anything for some reason.  I tried his line and immediately I had another one.  I had coached him and it looked like he was doing everything right, but somehow the fish seemed to know that it was his first time fishing.  Tomorrow we would get them.  

Timberline Lake

We hiked a couple of miles more up the mountain and ended up camping at Guitar Lake.  From Guitar Lake the summit of Mt. Whitney and the official end of the JMT is only 5 miles away.  The scout troop was camped at Guitar Lake that night too, but the lake was big enough that we were able to get far enough away not to be bother by their noise.  One of the leaders pointed out Mt. Whitney to me.  There it was our final goal plainly in sight now about 2000 feet above us.   That evening and the following morning I climb all over the cliffs of the lake trying to get pictures of that peak.  In the evening I set up my sleeping bag on a granite shelf facing the peak and set up my camera on the tripod.  Whenever I awoke at night, I took pictures of the night sky as the starts circled Mt. Whitney
Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney at Sunset

Mt. Whitney reflecting at sunrise

Our camp by Guitar Lake


Stars circling Mt. Whitney from sunset to sunrise

Photoshop drybrush artistic rendition

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