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Here is some video and pictures from the 2013 Bishop Ultramarathon. I completed the 100K in 14 hours 22 minutes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 19 - Guitar Lake to Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney summit video

Guitar Lake

Wednesday, July  18
                I saw the headlamps of some hikers getting an early start this morning at 4:00am.  An and I though spent the most of the morning fishing in Guitar Lake.  An finally had some luck and kept two of the Golden Trout that he caught for lunch today.  It must have been around 10:00am before we even started up the trail.  We had about 2000 feet of elevation and 5 miles of trail to get to the top of Mt. Whitney.  
Looking down on Guitar Lake

at about 14,000 feet now

After 3 miles of hiking and a ton of switch backs we made it to the T in the trail at 13,658 feet.  Eventually we will go straight here which will take us off the mountain down to Whitney Portal.  For now, we dropped our packs as we would be returning to this spot after we summit Whitney.  It would be a 4 mile round trip so I took only 1 bottle of water and a couple of trail bars with me.  It was good to be hiking without the pack for a change as I charged up the mountain.  An and I were both passing a lot of day hikers that were not acclimatized to the altitude as we were.  On young man who was resting halfway down from the top said that it would take me at least another two hours to make it to the top, because that’s how long it took him.  I bet him that I could make it in less than an hour and he looked at me shocked and said I better get moving.  I looked at my watch, took off, and 45 minutes later I was at the summit.  
100 yards from the summit (Emergency shelter and weather equipment room built by the Sierra Club)

View east from the summit of Mt. Whitney

View north from the summit of Mt. Whitney

View west from the summit of Mt. Whitney
It was exhilarating to be on top of the peak of the highest mountain in the lower 48 and to be at the terminus of the JMT.  I was thankful thinking back to all that I had been allowed to accomplish, to experience and how well it all went.  I had also met many wonderful people along the way and was grateful for what each one had brought to my life.  These journeys always add to my appreciation of how beautifully complex and interconnected this Earth that God created is and I am overwhelmingly thankful for these opportunities to learn more about it all and share with others what I find.   
Out here and in life ... 
every day is the best day.

   The End

We are in the book!  Look at entry #21; Danny Westgrand, Badwater finisher.
Sunset from Trail Camp on the way back down (Those colors were not exaggerated or altered with Photoshop)

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